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BIM Services

3D BIM Modeling

We create an information-rich Revit Architectural model from sketches, drawings, point cloud scan, PDF; as well as custom Revit content family, and 3D rendering & visualization, etc. for our clients as per the Scope of Work (SOW) and with required Level of Detail (LOD). We offer quality Revit BIM services in multiple disciplines like structural, architectural and MEP BIM services.

BIM Library

With our Revit Family Creation services, we can provide BIM Object Revit Content with the re-quired detail, i.e. LOD 100 to LOD 500. For facility management, LOD500 is required which will have details such as manufacturer name, model name, serial number, purchase date, warranty, technical datasheet, product URL, etc. through the Identity Data.

Revit family Creation

As a Revit Family Creation Services provider, we can create parametric Revit Family Library & BIM Content in Revit from a specification sheet product cut sheet, 2D CAD drawings, sketches, or even from files provided in AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Fusion 360, Infraworks, 3DS Max, SketchUp, etc. Along with that, we can also convert existing 3D CAD geometry into the Revit family depending on our customer’s requirements.


Our experts create detailed BIM models from the CAD drawings given to us. We do even convert basic hand drawings, 2D drawings, PDF drawings into BIM models with utmost precision. Our services are done with extreme detailing and focus and you won’t have to face any error or fault in the project because of the quality we provide.

Shop Drawings

The shop drawings generated by our team prove to be beneficial for architects, contractors, sub-contractors, fabricators, manufacturers,suppliers,owners,and developers during various stages of the project. Our extensive experience in dealing with residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, government, and infrastructural projects make us a one-stop solution for all of your shop & fabrication drawing needs.

Virtual Design & Construction

Our VDC BIM services to construction engineering companies ensures data enriched building process with quality assurance. DZ VDC engineers implement 3D BIM models and other data to plan out for Architecture, Engineering, Construction projects.  VDC modeling in construction designs facilitates clash detection, construction cost estimation to risk management and scheduling.

BIM Clash Detection

Architects, Structural engineers, MEP engineers (HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing), Environmental engineers and other professionals create design models, independent from each other. Once all the models are integrated into the BIM modeling process, we offer clash detection service with detailed report for each comes into the picture.

 Scan to BIM

Point Cloud to BIM is a 3D model created with laser scanning. Point cloud modeling is widely popular for its precision. As you can extract detailed elements of an object captured in physical space.  This enables accurate modeling, clash coordination and quantity takeoff (QTO) or Bill of materials (BOQ).


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