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BIM Solutions

4D BIM - Construction Scheduling

We provide 4D BIM Schedule that includes all the time-related data of a project’s development, showing how it will be constructed and how both the structure and site surroundings will appear at each stage. 4D BIM incorporates the start and finish date data for the supply and installation of construction components and reveals the importance of them to the overall project. 

5D BIM - Cost Estimation

We provide a 5D BIM model that integrates the design, schedule, and cost of the project. We help project teams to be involved in the full conversation of the project rather than working in isolation and waiting for their turn to provide information about the project. With the help of Common Data Environment, our BIM model services can automatically generate quantities.

 BIM for FM

With the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM), we can digitize your building for facility management processes. This means that you will be able to locate the information needed for building maintenance and repair into a central BIM model for easy access. Moreover, you can reference this BIM model when looking for asset data and spatial information, simplifying the maintenance process.

Custom Add-ins & Plugins

Our BIM and project management experience combined with our software development capabilities, we can provide your team with the best possible tools. It’s time to leverage commercial products’ capabilities or even create solutions from scratch. We are experts in project-orientated applications.


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