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BIM Consulting

BIM Execution Plan

BEP includes several information on project infrastructure, involving the techniques of 3D modeling, 4d scheduling, 5d cost estimation and 6d facilities management. An effective BIM Execution Plan delivers value to project stakeholders, documented in EIR (Employer Information Requirement). 

Digital Integration

DZ has great expertise in integrating BIM with ERP systems in order to provide a more efficient tool for contractors and construction companies to run their business processes. By integrating program controls, communication, and information, teams will be able to make business decisions with the correct updated information and manage assets from a central location.

BIM Implementation

DZ helps the clients to develop BIM specific processes, workflows and dynamics which enable them to effectively implement the BIM mechanism in all projects. Our BIM implementation ser-vices help organizations with effective process management, developing professional guidelines & templates, managing complex projects on BIM and improve ROI.

BIM Strategy Consulting

With our extensive experience in BIM projects in various domains such as engineering, construc-tion & fabrication, we offer the client the tools and processes that fit them the best. This is made possible as we spend time and effort to understand every project scenario and client standards.

BIM Training

Our team of BIM, Autodesk certified instructors and specialists work with you to customize training to meet your individual needs. Whether in your office, or via the Web, we can teach you BIM, and how it applies to you and your business. Our services provide customized training options that best suits your organization.


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